About Dr. James Lehman

James Joseph Lehman, DC, MBA, DABCO

Associate Professor of Clinical Science

University of Bridgeport

Dr James Lehman


Dr. Lehman is the Director of Health Sciences Postgraduate Education and Associate Professor of Clinical Sciences at the University of Bridgeport/College of Chiropractic.  He is board-certified as a chiropractic orthopedist and chairperson of the Chiropractic Research Committee at the University of Bridgeport.  He teaches orthopedic and neurological examination and treats the Bridgeport Bluefish professional baseball players and staff.  Dr. Lehman practiced in Albuquerque, New Mexico, served as a chiropractic orthopedist at the Lovelace Medical Center and mentored fourth year medical clerks as an Assistant Clinical Professor at the University of New Mexico School of Medicine.

Clinical experience:

Dr. Lehman provided healthcare services in private practice and with a large group practice/hospital for over 33 years in New Mexico. His chiropractic practice involved the evaluation and management of musculoskeletal conditions, which included a variety of diseases and neuromusculoskeletal conditions.  James has served as the team chiropractor for the Bridgeport Bluefish since the 2009 season. Currently, he is treating patients while mentoring fourth-year chiropractic students at the Community Health Center in Meriden, Connecticut.


James has completed his MBA at the University of New Mexico and doctorate in chiropractic medicine at the Logan College of Chiropractic in St. Louis, Missouri.


He is a member of the American College of Chiropractic Orthopedists, New Mexico Chiropractic Association, Connecticut Chiropractic Association, and the American Chiropractic Association.