Giving Our Veterans the Care They Deserve

Dr. Anthony J. Lisi, associate professor of clinical sciences at University of Bridgeport oversees chiropractic care at the Veterans Health Administration, which serves more than 7.8 million enrolled veterans and is the nation’s largest health care system.  He guides the improvement and expansion of the VHA chiropractic program, which was established in 2004 in response to legislation that requires at least one chiropractor at each of its 21 geographic regions.

Dr. Anthony Lisi describes in an update on the Veterans Health Administration how the chiropractic program has been giving our veterans the chiropractic care they deserve for over 5 years.

As a healthcare provider in the Department of Veterans Affairs Connecticut Healthcare System in West Haven, Connecticut, he describes the introduction of chiropractic services to veterans of the war in Iraq for the treatment of musculoskeletal complaints in the Journal of Rehabilitation Research & Development Veterans Administration.  His manuscript, Management of Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom veterans in a Veterans Health Administration chiropractic clinic: A case series, describes elements of the processes and outcomes of chiropractic care for these veterans.